Posted by: Stephen Connelly | October 27, 2012

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

With less than one month to go before the election for Police & Crime Commissioner in Suffolk the campaign to get Labour candidate Jane Basham elected is reaching a climax.

Thursday saw Jane debating with her opponents twice in one day. Firstly at Copleston Sports College where she was quizzed by students and later at the St Nicholas Centre in Ipswich where she tackled questions from an invited audience from across the County. The event in Ipswich was organised by BBC Radio Suffolk and was chaired by Terry Baxter. Questions ranged from how the candidates intended to make themselves accountable to the people of Suffolk to why they were standing. There is little doubt that whoever finally gets elected will face financial challenges but there is similarly little question about which candidate is best placed to tackle them. Jane Basham’s fluent grasp of the issues and expert knowledge of practicalites of policing in Suffolk placed her in stark contrast to the other candidates. Tim Passmore (Conservative) sought to reassure the audience about his committment to maintaining frontline policing whilst agreeing it was likely there would be fewer uniformed officers if he were elected and some privatisation of aspects of the service.

One way or another the November 15th Election is going to see important changes to the management of crime in Suffolk, let us hope that the the electorate use their votes wisely to select the best candidate.



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