Posted by: Stephen Connelly | November 3, 2012

Countdown to Two Important Elections

This has been another busy week delivering the last rounds of leaflets in support of Jane Basham, Labour candidate for Sufflok Police and Crime Commissioner. She has fought an intelligent and far ranging campaign, always focusing on the issues and listening to what the people of Suffolk require from their PCC. In contrast I was shocked to discover that Tim Passmore, the Tory candidate if selected, intends to continue as a District Councillor although he has said he will stand down as leader. He obviously believes he can carry on giving the people of Mid-Suffolk the representation they deserve even with another full time job. A substantial challenge for someone with expert knowledge let alone a novice.

The other election reaching a climax this week is, of course the US Presedential Election. I’m confident that the US Electorate will return President Obama for another term and start to see the benefit as the US economy starts to recover. It would be great to see the UK economy recovering but I can’t help thinking with the Tory led coalition in charge this is a forlorn hope. They just don’t understand that austerity has choked off growth exactly as Ed Balls predicted in 2010. One way or another we will know who will be leading the world’s most powerful nation by the end of next week.


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