Posted by: Stephen Connelly | June 29, 2014

Cameron’s Big Problem

This week PM David Cameron has tried to block the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the EU. He lost the vote 26-2, a margin that underlines his blatant disconnect with an organisation that is a crucial to our economy. The media are reporting this as a lurch towards our inevitable exit from the EU and the ultimate triumph of the UKIP agenda over common sense. What Ed Miliband has described as sleepwalking towards the exit.

The thing they seem to forget is that everyone in frontline UK politics knows that our future is in Europe. As part of this huge trading block we have some influence in the world, outside it we are powerless. The only reason that Cameron offered a referendum was to appease the substantial and bellicose Eurosceptic wing of his own party. He has yet to tell us his position on the EU, is he personally going to be campaigning to withdraw us? I don’t think so. In contrast Ed Milibands stance has intellectual integrity, since when has a British Government renaged on its duty to govern? He said to the CBI, “I believe our future lies within European Union, I believe our future demands we reform the European Union”. Our chances of reform are best served with a seat at the table not locked outside the room.

You can read his full speech here Ed Miliband’s speech to the CBI on our membership of the EU




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