Posted by: Stephen Connelly | January 28, 2015

20 mph Zone for Whitton – Consultation

At Last night’s North West Area Committee IBC and SCC Councillors discussed the proposal, currently out for consultation, that the whole of the Whitton area is made a 20 mph zone for traffic. There is still time to respond and details can be found on the Suffolk County Council website here SCC 20mph Consultation

There seemed to be some rather outdated thinking voiced by Tory councillor, Robin Vickery from Castle Hill, children need to be educated, apparently, if they get knocked down it is their fault! I’d like to see him repeat this assertion to Joanne Dockett, the mother of one youngster that lost their life on a Whitton Road. Children will behave like children, and yes this may involve behaving foolishly near traffic but there is a solution and the 20 mph zone we are proposing goes a long way to providing it. Suffolk County Council policy on 20 mph limits has changed, government policy has changed, Tory Councillors in the NE of Ipswich supported a similar proposal in their area only our NW Tories are still firmly stuck in the 1970s on this issue it seems. I wonder if the few remaining Ipswich Tory Councillors ever actually talk to each other?

Whitehouse Councillor Albert Grant was outraged at the political posturing of the Tory group, backed by their Central Suffolk Tory MP, Dr Dan Poulter trying to spin this initiative as a Labour one. Albert has spent years campaigning across the area for lower speed limits and made a powerful presentation with Reverend Andrew Dotchin to the County Council Transport Committee which was well received. The initiative is actually welcomed across the political spectrum enjoying support from Liberal Councillor Lockington, Transport cabinet member Graham Newman and even UKIP County Councillor Crossley. The issue of safety on Whitton’s roads is obviously not political, it is a matter of common sense.

There are displays about the proposed 20 mph zone at Whitton Sports Centre and Castle Hill Community Centre if you would like to take part. The consultation runs until Friday 30th January so there is still time.


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